The artist use the human body in this research as a pretext to bring to his work the idea of quantum physics principle that considers the waves redraw the material, to paint this movement through a unique graphic language. The Artist compose a reticular system of geometric shapes sculpted such an ultrasound revealing the fabric of a dynamic anatomy, body architecture stripped both rich, deep and infinite, revealing a latent abstraction.
In his compositions, bodies are jostled about, represented in permanent imbalance, destabilized by a natural or human force. The objective is to reveal, through classical themes (The Ascension) or basic human emotions (selfishness or anger) human relationships and the absurdity of certain behaviours that typify our society.

By depicting these powerful yet fragile bodies, the artist expresses his own contradictions, but more importantly the complexity of human nature. Powerful by their posture and physical features. Fragile due to their many constituent parts. Vulnerable to the external forces identified above, these bodies appear on the verge of fragmenting and crumbling to dust. Ultimately, it’s a bit like stripping feelings bare. The poetry that shows through the colours, shapes and composition humanizes these robotized beings, these deceptive-looking “superheroes”.